Why create a Capsoole?

The average American owns 25 different online accounts, including email, social networking sites, iTunes, and bank accounts. In the U.S alone, that adds up to 7.5 Billion US digital account holders.

What happens to all of your online accounts - your 'digital assets' - if you aren't able to manage them anymore? Can your family access them on your behalf? Can they stop automatic subscription payments? Can you leave your iTunes collection to friends and family?

Capsoole deals with these questions so you don't have to.

With Capsoole, you can proactively decide how each of your password protected account should be managed in case of an emergency. Our service walks you through the decisions you need to address for each digital asset you'd like to manage. You take the action, we make sure your action plan tasks get implemented only upon authenticated triggers from trustees selected by you.

Capsoole's secure digital asset management service gives you peace of mind.