How does Capsoole work?

It’s easy - We’ve taken care of the planning so you can just fill in the details.

First, Name Your Trustees, ask the people you trust most to notify Capsoole in the event of an emergency and allow your plan to get in motion, based on a set of rules you have set. Trustees in Capsoole’s terminology are Notifiers who simply notify Capsoole of emergencies, as specified by you & confirm the need for your plan to be activated. Beyond notifying, these trustees won’t have to do anything else - your plan has already been set up and planned out by you! You decide how many trustees you want in order for your action plan to be implemented. Should any of your trustees notify of an emergency, we will send you and all of your trustees an email to verify that it is not a mistaken activation. Until your activation threshold is reached and the timeframe you have specified for overriding false activation has lapsed, no action will be taken on any of your accounts.

Second, Create Your Action Plan, from erasing email messages from specific senders in your Gmail account, to downloading pictures from Facebook and sending them to specific recipients, there is a lot you can do, including: With Capsoole you can split and share different elements of your accounts; forwarding specific emails or images to certain recipients, or deleting particular messages and groups. There’s a lot you can do, including:

  • Send emails and messages
  • Update statuses, post images and documents
  • Make payments and cancel subscriptions
  • Erase and archive messages, groups or entire accounts
  • Send your account information to a specific person
  • Transfer accounts to someone else

Soon you will be able to add your accounts from:

Social Media
Digital Assets
YahooHotmailEnterprise accountspersonal domainsetc...
Financial assets
Bank accountsMint.commortgage paymentsmagazine subscriptionsetc...

We love feedback! If you think anything is missing  - let us know!

Finally, Manage Your Account once you have set up your account set up, don’t forget about us! As you navigate and enjoy the wonders of the internet, secure your accounts with us to make the most complete directive possible.